High temperature and pressure of the marble, calciumcarbonate, limestone and similar substances; The crystal structure under the change is the crystal content formed by the crystal structure. 56% contain calcium oxide (CAO) and 44% carbon dioxide (CO2). We can show Talk, mica, graphite, iron oxides, pyrite and quateral among minerals that give the marble.

According to scientists, Paleozoic occurred in geological time. 's they can lie down in some areas by miles deep. Worldwide, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Belgium, France, India and America are quite rich in the Vermont region. The removal of the marble from the ground, it is very efficient in terms of technical opportunities. With the drilling and cutting machines, they are removed in large rocks (blocks) in the form of large rocks (blocks) and the factory environments are processed in the factory environment and after this, after processing to the workshop, meet the consumer's habitats after being processed.